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Wellcome to official website of 'Asif Hossain Shantu'. We make apps and games on all platforms including social networking platforms. Some of our apps, games and software solutions are provided below. For more details please contact us.

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29 Card Online

'29 Card online' is an Online Multiplayer game. Facebook users or guest players can create room to play with other online players. Maximum 4 players can play and several viwers can view as a visitor in an ongoing online game. Robots are also there as Partner and/or oppenent in an online game.
For standard rules please check this wiki page.


29 Card online download in apple app store 29 card online download in google play store

T9 gameplay T9 gameplay T9 gameplay
T9 gameplay T9 gameplay T9 gameplay

T9 gameplay T9 gameplay T9 gameplay

my MoneyAccident Management System

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Manage your Accident cases, Driver Information, Passenger Information, London Solicitors, Accident Images and documents as attachment, CNF generation, invoice generation, case History management, invoice generation, reminder system, Payment system etc

used by G5 Group, London since 2010 as Intranet WIFI application in G5 Group office.


  • System Runs on intranet / wifi or internet. view demo system here Login as Demo User
  • ASP .Net Application with MySql Database (NHibernate)
  • Different User Roles: Admin, Manager
  • Manage Cases any time, add History in ongoing cased, payment information, add reminder to a case and many more
  • Manage Driver Information, or Passengers, Witnesses and Third Party information
  • Solicitor Management
  • Car accident Images as Attachments, upload any document to a case as attachment.
  • Complete History, Reminder, Payment, Invoices, User Profile, Crash care center etc
  • and many more features..Login as Demo User

For purchase with source code or installation in any hosting environement please contact.

my Money

my Moneymy Money

Available in ShantuApps.de and Facebook Login with Facebook

Manage your payments, either paid or received, for yourself or for your friends, personal or business, keep track of your payments like a personal online bank, share and connect with your friends, save pdf file to your pc or email it and many more, checkout my Money


  • Standalone system my Money Login as Demo User
  • Connected with FaceBook for social actions my Money app in Facebook
  • Save Money Received or Money Paid
  • Search by title or amount, description and many more. View searched total
  • Share with facebook friends, post and many more..
  • Download your Data as PDF file
  • Delete all money info by one signle click
  • Show/Hide your data in App page
  • Delete Account any time..
  • and many more features..

For feature requests, Latest news, voting, events and other interesting topics, please visit App page in Facebook

my Money

my Money my Encryption

Available in ShantuApps.de

Encrypt any of your condifential data (text format) before you share or store any where. Instead of plain human readable text, generate encrypted text using your own secret word. Only you can decrypt it using your secret word.


  • Simple standalone system my Encryption
  • Encrypt using any secret word
  • Decrypt your text data any time in future for free
  • We do not store any of your confidential texts as well as encrypted texts into our system. So please do not forget your secret word.

Research Works

Connection Space

This is a research project with a huge vision in mind with connection space AI and next generation UI techniques for any digital system to solve a given problem based on previous data and future projection. This research will try to prove my favorite quote "Everything is Connected."


Implementation of new Ideas from us for us for our future.

Solve daily life problem with latest technologies. Applying best practices of software development techniques, maintain great quality, high security and better user experience.


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